Chrono-Character inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo will be publicly seen in Free Fire on December 19. In addition to the super-good guy, Free Fire has updated a number of interfaces and introduced a lot of special costumes, new game mode mechanics around this character.

Chrono is a character influenced and created by the image of world soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo

Chrono stars in the game as a savior who saves civilization, stopping this chaotic world from crashing. However, Chrono cannot do it on its own without the aid of Free Fire players from around the world. 

Experience the Chrono Mission at Free Fire right now! 

From now on, you will be accepted with the main Free Fire interface, which has been modified with more elements and information about the Chrono Project. Players will take part in the regular Chrono Mission quests to unlock several new items. There will be a portal on the waiting island that will allow players to fly between the future Tech Park and the Free Fire World.

Players can officially experience the Chrono character in the Free Fire on December 19, 2020

As a superhero in the Free Fire Universe, Chrono possesses the power to help him conquer fierce fights. One of Chrono’s most special powers is called the Majestic Protector. This is an ability that allows the CR7 character to effectively avoid harm and defend teammates. Using this capability, in addition to blocking the attacker, Chrono and his allies within the aura can also increase the pace of movement and effectively target and respond to the adversary from within. 

Fight in style with Project Chrono’s unique costumes and arms 

Chrono’s arrival includes more exciting changes to the character’s costumes, arms and Free Fire objects, such as: Space Hunter suit, AUG rifle, Katana blade. Let’s discover the Chrono Collection at Free Fire on December 19!.