In the previous articles, we learned about five out of 12 popular types of online games you should try, including massively multiplayer online, simulations, adventure, real-time strategy, and puzzle.

Today, we will continue the list with action, stealth shooter, combat, first-person shooters, sports, role-playing (RPG), and educational games.

6/ Action

To play those fast-paced games, players need to be fast and to have excellent reflexes. Players will have to fight with enemies, use a character to represent themselves, and jump into the action the complete challenges.

7/ Stealth Shooters 

Stealth shooters tend to be war games or spy-based games. When playing, you will use the stealth capacity to defeat the enemies.

8/ Combat

You need great reflexes, the ability to use the controls for all kinds of combating moves to fight one on one with opponents.

9/ First Person Shooters

During the game, you will be a protagonist and view the game through your eyes. Therefore, you can really get into the games. However, you cannot see how you look in the game as you see things via your own eyes.

10/ Sports

The sports games are usually based on the specific popular sporting events in the world such as basketball, baseball, soccer, among others. When you work up through many skill levels, your games will involve mimicking real professional players and how they move.

11/ Role-Playing 

Role-playing games are suitable for those who love fantasy. You will act as part of the main character, hero, for example, and make decisions about the games’ storylines.

12/ Educational

Many parents and teachers have selected educational video games for their kids. Those games not only helped them entertain but also learn many meaningful lessons when playing. Educational online games can train children in a variety of subjects, make learning more fun. The games also include testing functions, where players can answer multiple-choice questions about math, sciences, information technology, among others.