The games below are very close to Free Fire, but we can play without the Internet. 

Free Fire is one of the most played royal fight games on mobile devices and runs very smoothly on low-profile computers. Many of its popularity can be credited to its versatility with high-end and low-end smartphones, as well as a fine blend of typical royal fighting elements and special features.

Free Fire, however, needs an Internet connection to operate. To solve this issue for those who have trouble accessing the Internet, here is a list of five offline games close to Garena’s popular Royal Fight Game. 

1. Titan Blood: Shooting Survival Battleground Games 

If players want to be part of the Free Fire Death Wars, they’ll certainly enjoy Titan Blood. The game requires up to 8 online opponents to compete in games.

2. Swag Shooter-Online & Offline Battle Royal Game 

Like Free Fire, Swag Shooter also has several characters with various skills

Players have the option to modify their appearance by buying various skins and accessories from the game. The player can also choose from two major weapons when on the battlefield. 

3. ScarFall: The Royal Combat 

ScarFall: The Royal Combat is a royal fighting game with simple controls and good graphics. This game is compatible with high-end and low-end Android smartphones.

ScarFall: The Royal Combat features typical royal fighting elements such as a restricted protective zone and the need to fight rivals in order to be the last to rise up. The game also has a strong arsenal of weapons like assault rifles and sniper rifles. 

4. Blood Rivals- Survival Battleground FPS Shooter 

While Blood Rivals has parallels to Free Fire, its controls are not up to date and need to be strengthened.

5. Heroes Strike Offline – MOBA & Battle Royale 

Heroes Strike Offline effectively blends the mechanics of the MOBA game with the royal war. Matches in this game last for a very short period and can only have a limit of 12 players per game.