Irrespective of whether or not you’ve met him on the battlefield, it’s time to learn more about the character Joseph in Free Fire to grasp his remarkable skills, the so-called “Nutty Movement”.

Garena still introduces a series of new features to Free Fire any time there’s a new update in town, with recent updates including an item called Glider and Joseph, a capable male character who has odd abilities but is very extraordinary.

Some of the characters in Free Fire are based on their true personalities and experiences, but no specifics are available about the roots of Joseph’s character in real life. That said you should think that Joseph is inferior to the others on the character list, particularly when it comes to his strange running ability called “Nutty Movement”.

All about Joseph’s “Nutty Movement” capability 

Although the additional attack speed is only 10% and lasts for 1 second at the initial pace, “Nutty Movement” is much more useful as long as you hit Joseph’s maximum level, it will increase by 20%. 

Thus the “Nutty Movement” skill helps Joseph to step freely into the formation of the opponent without fear. This unique ability will certainly alter the gameplay of Free Fire matches at the moment.

Since speed plays an important role in fast-paced gameplay, we’ve got a lot to tell about Joseph

His special ability is really strange, if Joseph is struck by enemy bullets, he’s going to get faster movement. Yeah that sounds weird compared to common senses, but something happens to Joseph the other way around!

If you hit Joseph and he runs, it’s going to be harder to shoot another shot at him because of his agility. Perhaps Joseph is also approaching you to mount a surprise counterattack, which would be a serious danger to look out for.