Little Nightmares
It’s a simulation with a horizontal viewpoint. There are 3D graphics that are a little bright but also fairly dark and bland. A feature often found in a horror video. You’re going to monitor a girl called Six, with all-gold wings, graceful moves. Six need to eat in this game, and the food seems really creepy. From the remainder of the girl’s bread to the captured cow. Six has a lighter that can be used for illumination and can be used to light oil lamps. The gestures of the girls are all quite natural. You must use your intellect to observe the surroundings to remain in the game and strive for the finish.

Little Nightmares Complete Edition | PC - Steam | Game Keys
The gameplay and storyline of Little Nightmares are very close to that of Limo

Alone against all, and have an uncertainty of beginning or closing. Perhaps the creators want each person’s creativity and point of view to be freely shared. Don’t frame the game with a particular situation. People were hanged, leeches were creeping all over the floor, babies were locked up, creatures of grotesque forms were covered.
Slender: The Eight Pages
This first-person survival horror game has hit players since June 2012. The adversary is Slim Man, a tall man with a white beard, with no lines. Starting the game, you get lost in the trees, carrying a torch with a short period of daylight. You have to gather all 8 pieces of paper while missing the Slender Man. Continuous running sometimes allows you to lose steam, slow down your movements.
Some of the items that make you a loser are the amount of time it takes to finish the mission. Looking at Slim Man for so long, he’s caught up. The sound of crickets, the drugging of the clouds and the sound of moving steps is very haunting. Unfortunately, Slender: The Eight Pages can only be played on PCs from two Microsoft Windows OS X operating systems.