This Halloween game book is also of the horror genre, featuring various plots, gameplay and fears. The last three games were released in 2020.

Costume Quest

Costume Quest, a game for all during the Halloween holiday season. The content of the gameplay is plain, but it has all the features of the holiday season at the end of October every year. You’re going through the village, you’re going to do some searches for candies. Using won sweets to purchase costumes, battle monsters. Rescue the twin brother who was kidnapped by them. You’re going to have children accompanying you, transformed into knights, robots … In the vivid magic of turn-based combat, overflowing with laughter.


Limbo is haunting the player with the horror of the death of the character

The sense of loss in the segments as you solve puzzles makes this game visually daunting. While there is no colour, you can always feel the agony that the character has to endure. There are only two primary colors in Limbo: black and white, a little gray to generate light. The game has no simple story, no background music, no dialog. Sound in the game is simply the sound of a player doing some sort of action. Or they emerge from computers and tools, but most of them are always frozen silences. Halloween, playing black and white games, is also fun.

At the beginning of the game, you’re going to play the part of a boy walking on a journey to the right of the screen. Often you should go back to the left to execute the plan, the pacing of the hard pieces. Hidden pitfalls, very difficult to overcome. He forced the boy to die with a body that was not whole. Luckily, you’re going to be able to play again at that point. All sorts of excuses for you to play again, such as crashing, being crushed, stabbed by a spider, being crushed, drowning, being sliced by a machine. You will only use certain simple operations like hopping, driving, climbing, dragging, moving objects along the way. You’re alone in this game without any weapons or friends.