Online games are among the sources of entertainment, attracting millions of players per year. The followings are the most popular online games in 2020.

1/ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

With more than 50 million online players, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG, is the most popular online games in 2020. The game was launched by PUBG Corporation in 2018 in XBOX, iOS, PC, and Android. PUBG is based on armor and H1Z1 and can indulge up to 99 players at a time.

This game is popular thanks to the graphics and real situation. You are assigned a map and a mission with more enemies hiding in the bushes. You will win the game if you survive the situation and kill all the hidden enemies.

2/ Fornite Battle Royale

Launched in 2017, Fornite Battle Royale is still popular until now, with 39 million online players. However, the game developed by Epic Games is much more popular to boy’s zone while PUBG takes on both the genders.

This game has more features, equipment, and game-stages with greater no of players. However, the popularity takes on to the account.

3/Apex Legends

Apex Legends has become the news since its release in 2019 by Respawn Entertainment. Players who do not like playing PUBG and Fornite but the battlefield games will be ken on this game. This game is available in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and XBOX. It has ever reached a record high of 50 million players online in one month.

The game has six players divided into two teams. Three players in a squad left on the island to savage other resources and weapons to combat other squads at the time. The squad with more team players left will win the game.

The game now also becomes one of the best superhero-themed video games in 2020.