During the COVID-19 lockdown, each member of your family has needed to play different types of online games for entertainment. The followings are lists of games or websites for kids, young adults, and adults.

1/Games for Kids

If your children are keen on playing online games with their friends, you can force them to log in plenty of sites exclusively designed for kids with a safe and monitored environment. Some popular sites hosting online multiplayer games to connect with friends include miniclip.com, pbskids.org, and funbrain.com.

If you want to look for online games to play with your kids, you can consider Monopoly, Mario Kart, Sorry, Pokemon, Clue, and Guess Who. Such games are easy enough for your children to play with the family.

2/ Games for Young Adults

The video game consoles have become increasingly popular for kids reaching middle school and high school. Some suitable video games for young adults include:

  • Minecraft 

Minecraft is a sandbox video game, with over 33 million users in the world. Players can build structures, generate innovative contraptions, and explore the virtual worlds. They have to gather materials in their farm blocks in the environment while the rest is dependent on the creativity of the players.

  • Fortnite

Fortnite has exploded in the videogame sector since its debut in 2017. This fast-paced survival game allows 100 players to load into each game and fight to be the last one using weapons, wits, and building abilities.

  • Super Mario Bros

 The Mario Series is a Japanese platform video game developed by Nintendo in 1981 with the most famous character of all time, Mario. Players need to load into different levels of the series and must complete courses and challenges to pass each level.

3/ Games for Adults

There are many video games designed for all ages, including adults. The followings are some of the online games for your parents.

  • Cards Against Humanity

In this game, players will submit cards to complete the dealers’ sentences with the best/worst/funniest answers. Recently, the Cards Against Humanity has made the game available to play online for free.

  • Uno

The popular game is simple, easy, and fun to play. You can invite your parents to join this virtual game and get the fun started.