There are a wide range of online games that you can easily play on the Internet, mobile phones, or computers. Those games are divided into different categories. However, many games can be listed to be more than one category. For example, a soccer game could be a sports game as well as a simulation game. The followings are types of online games:

1/ Massively Multiplayer Online

The massively multiplayer online, known as MMO, is played via a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. The players will connect a network and interact with other players in the online game room. On the MMO, you can compete against players from all around the world. 


These games involve thousands of hours of programming, giving players fantastic gaming experiences. 

2/ Simulations

When playing simulations online games, players need to take control of real-world vehicles, including ships, tanks, and aircraft. These simulation games will teach players how to control these vehicles and can also train professionals. 

The simulation games are used to train many pilots before they actually take flight.

3/ Adventure

The adventure games are usually single-player games. They are often set in a fantasy and adventure world. The player’s task is to complete puzzles to advance levels. The games start with a background of your character and let you know your task is. You must figure out how to complete the task.

4/ Real-time strategy

For real-time strategy (RTS) games, players need to build up the inventory of items, armies, among others. These games move in real-time and players could play at once without taking turns. Therefore, many players can play together at the same time.

5/ Puzzle

Puzzle games attract people who love to solve difficult puzzles. There are many levels of puzzles, from beginner to expert. The games are designed with colored shapes and simple actions. These are brain games, without action involved.