4/ Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online game which is designed for kids from the ages of 6-14.  Via the cartoon penguin avatars, players could explore a winter wonderland virtual world.

Besides, they can earn coins via mini-games within the Club Penguin. The coins you earn can be spent on purchasing items in the virtual store. You can play a limited version of the game for free or buy the membership cards for unlimited access. The membership cards would be renewed automatically.

5/NASA Kids’ Club

NASA Kids’ Club is designed for everyone but it is more suitable for kids than adults. This game connected to real mission information allows players to explore space comfortably in their own home.

For the fans of Angry Bird, the latest cooperation between NASA and Rovio Entertainment has brought an educational element to this game.

6/ Neopets

Neopets is such a simple online game that young kids can play. The game allows users to create their own pet in the virtual world of Neopia and interact with their virtual pet. One player can create an account with four virtual pets in the maximum.

Notably, players can use the Neopoints model to earn via playing various games, trading, and contests. Meanwhile, Neocash is an optional model that must be purchased with actual money. Players can use such two models to buy toys, food, clothes, and other accessories for their pets.

7/ Funbrain

Funbrain is an interesting educational online game site for kids and adults. It includes several matches and reading games, plus the perennial favorite Mad Libs game.

This site also has comics and books, including the popular stories such as Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, which has been made into feature films.

8/ PBS Kids Games

Like Funbrain, PBS Kids Games is an educational online game site for kids and adults. The site includes The Great Shapes Races and Migration Adventure. Adults can use this site to prepare their children for school.